Dietz & Watson, Fuji Fresh Foods

Dietz and Watson is helping deli lovers discover their Summer culinary side with Summer Grillebration. The seasonal event offers everything from recipes for ham steaks and skewers, paninis, to antipasto salads. The company offers a host of ways to celebrate with artisan cheese, compliments, and for those lazy days, grab and go deli. Promotional materials ask shoppers to "lookout for exciting events, tours and deals coming their way all summer long." Fuji Food Products has been finalizing new menu and marketing materials on their Chef Select Fresh Sushi Program. The new lineup includes their SOKA LOKA product featuring kimchee and soy protein marinated in Korean BBQ sauce - a non-traditional take on their traditional sushi line. Sushi lovers can also enjoy the new Batter Me Up roll and the Kiss Me roll. Sokha Lim, Regional Sales Represenstative for Fuji Food Products, tells DeliMarket TV, "we're excited to bring innovation to what is considered traditional ingredients with presentation, color and flavor.”