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Don's Foods' Most Popular Grain Salads

Don’s Foods is continuing to stay on top of the latest deli trends with its grain salads. The company is featuring four of its most popular varieties: Fruit & Nut Quinoa Medley, Orange Ginger Couscous Salad, Seven Grain Salad, and Wheatberry Salad. As we kick off the new year, it’s the perfect time to jump into the latest health craze with these great side dishes. Try the Fruit & Nut Quinoa Medley or Wheatberry Salad for their crunchy, sweet texture. For the serious grain consumer, the company is offering its Seven Grain Salad. This salad features a heavy earthy flavor and is packed with barley, wheatberry, and more. Carl Cappelli, Senior VP of Sales and Business Development, tells DeliMarket TV, “Our versatile grain salads are continuing to grow and expand. For our retailers, these salads are beautiful, eye popping, colorful, and sell behind the glass.”