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EcoTensil's EcoTasters Featured in Northern California Costco Stores

Costco stores across northern California have switched to EcoTaster paperboard tasting utensils, by EcoTensil, for their in-store demos. The reason being, EcoTasters are highly space and cost efficient, sustainable, and feature a silky smooth mouthfeel with a full-sized bowl. They are also fully recyclable and ASTM compliant for compostability. EcoTasters use a third of the material of plastic and take up only a fifth of space in storage when compared with plastic or bio-plastic spoons. Because they come in tidy bundles, they can be easily and sanitarily dispensed by servers and consumers. With these unique utensils, Costco is eliminating tens of millions of plastic tasting spoons that would have languished in landfills for centuries. Peggy Cross, Founder and CEO, tells DeliMarket TV, “We are encouraged and delighted that big corporations like Costco are taking steps towards demonstrating true environmental stewardship. With their volumes, they can have the biggest impact.”