200 years of tradition
Wonders of Wisconsin - Celebrate American Cheese Month

Emmi Roth Cheese, Landana

Emmi Roth’s Grand Cru Gruyere (crew-grew-yair) signature varieties are debuting new packaging and a revamped logo. Roth has launched a new Facebook page along with Facebook contests and promotions to generate excitement. The company will unveil a redesigned website later this year. New packaging for Van Gogh Gouda (Goo-da), GranQueso, Havarti, and Buttermilk Blue lines will be unveiled in 2013. The company is confident that the new look and marketing activities will invite customers to explore the distinct flavors of Roth cheese. On August 8th, Landana (Land- dawna) sheep MILD Gouda-style cheese won the Gold Medal at the ‘World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest’—the only contest of its kind in North America. This unique cheese has a unique, mild flavor after aging for many weeks on untreated wooden shelves. The cheese maker turns the cheese by hand until it reaches Landana quality.