Fiscalini Farms and PakSense Labels

Fiscalini Farms is promoting its San Joaquin Gold Cheese, named after the region the family-run business calls home. John Fiscalini started out making a Fontina cheese, and ended up making a gold medal mistake. The 16 month aged cheese has won multiple awards with its nutty and buttery flavor profile. The cheese can boast being an "American Original" as there is no other cheese like it in the U.S. Heather and John Fiscallini tell me, "The San Joaquin Gold is our breakfast, lunch and dinner cheese. There is no time of day when you can't throw it in an omlette, slice it into grilled cheese or grate it beautifully into pastas." Just ask Emeril Lagasse, he uses it in his Foccacia Rolls. This company is putting the “fresh” in fresh produce! PakSense Labels Xpress PDF Labels monitor the temperature of perishable items during distribution and storage. The sugar packet-sized label features a USB connector point that can be plugged into any computer’s USB port. The label then generates a data file containing time and temperature history, allowing shippers to extend quality programs into distributor channels. Marketing Director, Amy Childress, states that the labels are “the eyes and ears for your quality systems when your product is outside of your direct control.”