Holland Family Cheese, Wagshals Imports

Rolf Penterman of Holland Family Cheese sought greener pastures in Wisconsin. Originally from Holland, Penterman sought to expand his dairy, but due to expensive cost of dairy rights in the country, he turned his attention to America. With the help of Marieke Penterman, who later became his wife, Rolf founded what was to be Holland Family Farm in Thorp, Wisconsin in 2002. The company has just won first place at the 2013 U.S. Championship Cheese Competition with its Marieke Mature Gouda. Overall, their variations on gouda have brought home 60 awards in less than five years. Marieke tells DelimarketTV that the company has recently purchased a 100 acre property and is currently in the process of building a new dairy, creamery, and store. The new facility will include a production room three times the size of their current space. They are also looking to expand into ice cream and in the distant future, custards and butter. Wagshal's Imports has announced that the first container of Fermin Iberico de Bellota is ready to ship. The de Bellota pigs are fattened exclusively on fallen acorns, known as Bellota, for the three months preceding slaughter which results in a meat is swirled with high levels of flavorful natural fats and beneficial cholesterol. The company's Bellota offerings include smoked panceta bellota, raw boneless jamon and paleta bellota, and many more.