IDDBA New Titles, Avalanche Creamery

The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association's board of directors is announcing titles for officers and staff. Voni Woods, Senior Director of Deli, Giant Eagle Inc., is the chairman of the IDDBA board of directors. William G. Klump, Senior VP Marketing, Butterball, is the Executive Vice Chairman of the board. David Leonhardi, Director of Education and Events for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, is Vice Chairman, and John Cheesman, VP sales -- Corporate Accounts for Maplehurst Bakeries LLC, is the treasurer. Steve Beekhuizen, Senior VP of Sales at Dawn Food Products Inc., is the immediate past chairman. Carol L. Christison was named President and CEO of the IDDBA. Lucie Arendt was named VP of Membership, Exhibits, Registration and IT. Mary Kay O'Connor was named VP of Education, and Christopher S. Schwass was named VP of Finance. Avalanche Creamery is all about goats, and they treat them well. This creamery's goats are left to range free on pasture in Basalt, Colorado. The company produces five different goat cheeses, Fresh Chevre -- its most popular, Lamborn Bloomer a soft-ripened Robiola style cheese, Cabra Blanca -- a buttery aged semi-soft with bright lactic notes, Midnight blue - a raw milk goat blue, and a hand bandaged goat cheddar. The creamery also produces frozen link sausages from a combination of goat meat and pork raised on the farm. Owner and Cheesemaker, Wendy Mitchell, tells Delimarket.TV, "The company is currently in the process of setting up a cured meats facility to take advantage of our excess meat supply, and we're hoping to have cured meats available early next year."