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Kerrygold and Sartori

Sartori’s Limited Edition Pastorale Blend was awarded a first place ribbon at this year’s American Cheese Society competition. The Pastorale Blend, a Spanish-inspired cheese, has won more than 9 awards over the past 3 years. Jim Sartori, third generation proprietor for the company, states, “Our team members are truly dedicated to making consistent, quality products, and take great pride in our heritage of making world class award-winning cheese.” Dubliner, America's favorite Kerrygold cheese and the flagship of the Kerrygold brand, is now offering a new reduced-fat version for those a bit more health conscious. Kerrygold Reduced Fat Dubliner delivers the same flavor and texture of the original but now without 33% of the fat for each serving. The proprietary cheese variety offers an eating experience that includes a complexity of flavor with sweet and nutty hints, along with the elements of mature cheddar, an enticing texture and heady aromas. Shred and add to green salads, pastas or casseroles. Grill between rustic bread for Panini or create rustic skewers with wedges of tart apple using small picks. The variety is as versatile as it is delicious.