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La Petite Bretonne Micro-Croissants and Mini-Chocos for Holiday Breakfasts

La Petite Bretonne is promoting its renowned micro-croissants just in time for the holidays. The flaky texture and lightly sweet taste is sure to add some extra delight to your buffets, snacks, or morning dishes. As the company expands in the U.S., its mini-choco products have made a recent appearance in select Albertsons stores. These mini chocolate buns are a delicacy for anyone with a sweet tooth. Its exquisite taste, size, and affordable price make this item a must-have for breakfast or dessert. Alexandra Paré, Marketing Coordinator, tells DeliMarket TV, “We are a Canadian family owned business that has been working in the fabrication of industrial pastries since 1966. We now have more than 100,000 square feet of production area over our 2 plants and more than 175 employees. To have high standards in our products and services is a priority for us!”