Milano Chesse & Garden Fresh Gourmet

Milano's Cheese Corporation is picking up momentum in retail deli departments everywhere. The company, which has been in foodservice for thirty years, recently entered the retail market in the past few. Milano's is offering products that include everything from its Grated Pecorino Romano Blend to a Parmesan Romano Spiced Blend. The company also offers innovative retail display units tailored to both consumers and retailers, increasing visibility in the deli and dairy isles as well as the ring at the register. Garden Fresh Gourmet has been tapping into HPP Technology to create its all natural hummus. Instead of the 180 degree temperature needed to pasteurize a product, the technology uses pressure that allows for a 43 degree pasteurization. The technology preserves the flavor profile of the hummus and extends the shelf life. There are only 100 HPP machines in the world and Garden Fresh Gourmet has two. Dave Zilko, Vice Chairman, tells DeliMarketTV, "We are excited to be utilizing this new technology. Its allows for our all-natural line to offer the best flavor for consumers and also what retailers and customers love, a long shelf life. Its the future of food."