Montchevré , Don's Foods

With the holidays just around the corner, Montchevre is gearing up with its award winning Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese Logs and Candied Cranberry Crumble. These items are available year-round, but the trend-setting company will be ramping up production over the coming months to meet the demand. Melanie Solandt, Marketing, tells DeliMarketTV, “The company has seen a growing trend for gourmet artisan items, and as the holidays present limited time for preparation, but great opportunities for sharing delicious food, Montchevre is stepping in to fill the niche.” As the deli industry evolves, so are the consumer trends that drive retail decision making in the category. The industry has noticed that consumers are currently seeking three things from Deli sides and salads: convenience, flavor and taste, and health and wellness. Don's Foods is responding to the trends with a variety of items tailored to consumer demands. The company is presenting three new and healthy vegan wheat based protein salads: Cranberry walnut Chicken, Korean Beef, and Curried Chicken. The company also offers Clean Label Products, with an expanding portfolio to come. Carl Cappelli, Vice President of Sales, tells DeliMarketTV, "Another growing trend is Asian Flavors, as well as South West and Mediterranean. Don is debuting three new Asian Salads for the on-the-go consumer along with Deluxe Orzo, Fiesta Pasta, and Santa Fe Pasta salads."