Montchevre, Hissho Sushi

Montchevré's 4.oz goat cheese logs have received new redesigned labels featuring the rejuvenated Montchevre logo, with traditional gingham with a brighter, more modern design sure to bring flair to any cheese aisle. Always fresh and 100% natural, these goat cheese logs are easy to use and come in ten different flavors, including Garlic and Herb, Basil, and Sundried Tomato.. With a growing demand for goat cheese, these eye-catching labels stand out from the rest and are sure to be appealing to the customer. Charlotte, NC- based Hissho Sushi makes sushi fresh daily for consumers visiting any of our retail locations. You can find Hissho Sushi in supermarkets, colleges or universities, hospitals -- or at company locations. In addition to selling individual sushi rolls, Hissho creates over 14 varieties of sushi platters. No matter how big the event or budget, Hissho can prepare a selection that is sure to be a party pleaser! The company recently introduced "Mid-Size Party Platters" for smaller crowds and budgets. Averaging $14.99 to $19.99 in price, these smaller platters cover a variety of delicious sushi options -- including specialty rolls, like Hissho's signature Sriracha Party and Wasabi Crunch rolls!