Mozzarella Company, Schafer Solutions

Mozzarella Company is proud to be celebrating its 31st year in the cheese making industry. Most don't realize that the company is far more than just a mozzarella company! It produces a wide variety of different cheeses, all of which are completely made by hand, using farm-fresh cow's milk, goat's milk, and the finest Texas ingredients. Mozzarella Co. produces over 30 types of cheeses and supplies fine restaurants, distributors, and specialty stores across the US with its artisanal cheeses. Schafer Solutions will introduce a new option for its plastic displays for the bakery industry at the International Dairy Deli & Bakery Association’s Trade Show in June. Customers will now be able to choose from a fully assembled unit or a “Ship friendly” version, which requires some on-site assembly. This company’s line of self-serve products for the bakery industry includes the Mobile Pastry Case, the Countertop Pastry Case, the Countertop Pie and Cake Case, and more. These have set a new standard for displays of pastries, breads, sandwiches and other freshly prepared foods. All are made of brilliantly clear acrylic plastic and accented with edge glow sides to attract customer attention.