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Classic Australian Cheddar

My 3 Sons Gourmet, Karoun Dairy Inc

My Three Sons Gourmet is announcing its newest cheese flavor spread, Spicy White Cheddar, will now be available at all 207 Harris Teeter store locations. The cheese is extra thick, has a hint of cayenne and garlic, and can be used as a dip when melted. The company has recently sent out its first shipment and the product should already be available on store shelves. Owner Cheryl Barnett, tells DeliMarketTV, "It was a great day when I learned that Harris Teeter would be carrying my newest flavor. It's actually our number one selling product, so I'm thrilled and grateful that Harris Teeter is enthusiastically supporting our products." This holiday season, Karoun Dairies Inc., is debuting Kefir Cheese, a healthier alternative to heavy cream, cream cheese, sour cream and butter. Kefir is a fermented milk product that contains several healthy probiotics and yeast, allowing consumers to eat cheese while watching their sodium and fat intake. Rostom Baghdassarian, COO, tells DeliMarketTV, “All of our all natural yogurts and handmade cheeses are produced in our state-of-the art California facility yet benefit from the hand-crafted traditional methods of blending, aging and fermentation.”