Nikos Feta, La Quercia

Nikos Feta is kicking off a health and wellness promotion this March and April that will culminate in a drawing for a one-week stay at any of the award winning Biggest Loser Resorts. During the promo, cheese lovers are encouraged to work towards their weight loss goals with the help of a variety of healthy living tips and wholesome, flavor-filled recipes available through the Nikos website. Throughout the stay at the Biggest Loser Resort, the winner will experience a structured calorie-controlled program that is uniquely crafted to help foster a positive lifestyle change. La Quercia has declared independence from the conception that European-produced cured meats are superior than their American counterparts. This company’s animals are never confined and are not treated with non-therapeutic antibiotics, which means that La Quercia only uses meat from the top .5% of pork produced in the U.S. Owner, Herb Eckhouse, tells Delimarket.TV that La Quercia is currently introducing a line of Borsellino Salami--Borsellino, Spicy Borsellino, and Smoky Borsellino - chewy, lightly spiced meats, in an easy to eat edible casing. The company is also introducing its long aged woodland raised Acorn Tamworth meats--Spallacia, the shoulder, aged 16 months minimum, and Prosciutto, aged 24 months minimum. Both are incredibly tender, sweet, and rich in umami.