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Norseland inc, Treehouse Foods

Norseland, Incorporated has premiered its brand new Jarlsberg Hickory Smoked at New York’s Food Film Festival. Jarlsberg obtains its flavor by being cold-smoked over smoldering hickory chip embers; infusing its mild, mellow and nutty flavor with a subtle smokiness. Deanna Finegan, Norseland's Marketing Manager, states, "We were delighted to have an opportunity for this kind of personal consumer and pairing interaction, at what is the only known multisensory film festival of its kind." TreeHouse Foods has completed the acquisition of the assets of the Aseptic Cheese and Pudding business from Associated Milk Producers. The business sells products to foodservice and retail customers, and will be integrated into the TreeHouse's Bay Valley Foods aseptic operation. Sam Reed, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, states, "The addition of AMPI's aseptic cheese and pudding business will strengthen Bay Valley Foods' position as a market leader in these product categories and will expand our relationships with strategic customers."