Olli Salumeria, Emmi Roth

Olli Salumeria has got a lot of new products up its sleeve. One of the most noteworthy is the company’s new pepperoni. Traditionally an American product, the recipe took master salami maker, Olli Colmignoli, six tries to perfect the item, which is expected to be released in early March. The pepperoni is receiving rave reviews at events like the Fancy Foods show in San Francisco. Olli is also working to produce a mini salami called the salamini, according to Jennifer Johnson, Director of Marketing. Bite sized with a completely edible casing –the salamini makes a great pick up and go snack or hassle-free addition to any salami tray. In the wake of a January expansion of their Richmond facility, Olli has its eye on the West Coast and is looking to start production in San Diego in 2014. Emmi Roth USA is proving that specialty cheeses offer versatility unmatched by more traditional varieties. The company's assortment, which include Kaltbach Cave-aged Le Gruyère AOC and Emmentaler AOC cheeses from Switzerland, present qualities that make them perfect for an array of uses - from cheese platters, simple recipes, to gourmet meals and desserts. The cave-aged cheeses offer a depth and complexity of flavor while the Le Gruyère AOC offers a fruity flavor, crumbly texture, and superb melting capabilities. Emmi’s Emmentaler AOC has a mild nutty flavor that makes it ideal for sandwiches and snacks.