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Olli Salumeria Pepperoni, Pastoral’s Artisan Producer Festival

Olli Salumeria's new pepperoni recipe took the company's master salami maker six tries to perfect, but it seems like patience is a recipe for success. The product has been selected as a finalist for the 41st annual sofi Awards. The company recognizes that good salame is directly affected by the quality of the pork, and it goes to great lengths to obtain the best pigs in the USA. Jennifer Johnson, Director of Marketing says. "We let the superior flavor of the pork shine through." Olli Salumeria Pepperoni is a traditional American style salame that can be enjoyed on pizzas, sandwiches, or simply sliced and served with a great cheese. The 3rd Annual Pastoral's Artisan Producer Festival has recently wrapped up and has proven to be a huge success. More than 90 artisan producers and vendors, and 12,000 guests came to the event. Culture Magazine: The Word on Cheese, sponsored a special 'Best of the Fest' Competition. Honors include Best-In-Show awarded to Alemar Cheese Company for its Bent River Camembert; a Most Innovative Products Award given to Beehive Cheese Company for its Earl Grey Cheese and a Best Booth Display Award presented to Smoking Goose Meatery. A full list can be found on Pastoral's website. Congrats to all of the winners!