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Ovtene and Arla Foods

Food Packaging solutions company, Ovtene, launched in Europe in 2006 and has made its way across pond. The company debuted its U.S. branch at this year’s IDDBA show, highlighting the characteristics that make its food packaging technology unique. Ovtene is an antibacterial, ecofriendly film material that creates a strong barrier against bacteria using mineral charge. The material makes containers recyclable, washable, and reusable, and provides an extended shelf life for fresh foods. Arla Foods’ House of Castello, has launched three of its smallest batch artisan cheeses still made in Germany, with plans to make each cheese available in the United States this Fall. The Castello® Alps Selection includes the Bergkase-- featuring a slightly smoky aroma and smooth yet firm texture. The Hirten cheese has a crumbly, dry texture and features a slightly caramel taste. Lastly, Weissbier is a buttery, nutty, sweet cheese that melts in the mouth. Adam Criscione, product manager, states, “These cheeses are simply irresistible.”