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Plainville Farms, Sandridge Food Corp.

Plainville Farms is introducing pre-sliced uncured turkey bologna and turkey salami to its deli line. Both are flavored with all-natural ingredients. Barb Quijano , Vice President of Marketing states, “Consumers want deli meats to deliver the old-fashioned flavor and natural appearance they love, but with nutritional attributes that they can embrace.” The meats join other popular Plainville Farms pre-sliced deli meat offerings like oven roasted chicken breast and honey maple uncured ham. Sandridge Food Corporation's chefs have won a 2012 Excellence in Innovation Award at the Prepared Foods New Products Conference. The award acknowledges the company for its creativity and deliverability on its new line of Ancient Grain Salads. The products took first place in the Foodservice Category. The salads include creations from its Apple Cranberry Couscous Base, to Sandridge's, Tex Mex Quinoa and Bean Base, and Wheatberry and Fruit Base. These items offer convenience, versatility, and unique flavors for restaurants and delis to create signature dishes.