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Sabra Dipping Company is introducing its newest hummus flavor, Asian Fusion. The new product unites ginger and sesame flavors with rich hummus to create a unique taste. Senior Management, Greg Greene, states, "Asian fusion was inspired by the ingredients of our classic hummus recipe which includes tahini, made from sesame seeds. We thought, what flavors compliment sesame? Ginger and fresh veggies, of course! " The new product will join Sabra's family of 20 hummus flavors, enough options for everyone to enjoy! ClearBags is picking up momentum with its unique packaging. The company offers over 18 food packaging categories comprised of items that range from gusset bags and deli sheets to artisan bread bags. Danielle Young, Industry Account Representative, tells DeliMarketTV, "Our philosophy is to Promote, Preserve and Protect our customer's products. We offer our customers specialized, high quality packaging that allows them to best promote their products."