Sargento CEO Lou Gentine Retires, Smoking Goose Hosts Meat School

This industry veteran is passing the gavel... Lou Gentine, second-generation family owner, Chairman, and CEO of Sargento Foods is retiring from his role as Chief Executive Officer at the end of the year. Sargento’s Board of Directors has approved the promotion of Louie Gentine to succeed Mr. Gentine. Lou, who will retain his position as Chairman of the Board, has served as CEO since 1981 and Chairman since 1996 of Sargento. During his tenure in these roles, he has increased sales from $80 million to $1.2 billion, increased employment from 300 to over 1,600, and established Sargento as a leader in the retail, food service, and ingredient cheese industries. Test your meat IQ with this company... Each month, Smoking Goose hosts one or two hands-on Meat School classes. Students will get suited up and work in their USDA inspected production facility next to Chris Eley, Smoking Goose owner and meat master. For their Fall line-up, Smoking Goose will be offering a Nose-to-Tail Venison Butchering with Big House Bourbon Tasting on September 26. As for October, they will present a Halloween “Blood & Guts” Class & Costume Party on the 30th. Corrie Quinn, Libation & Narration Manager, tells AndNowUKnow, “Classmates are lead through step-by-step instruction as they learn about dishes, house recipes and techniques. Since all Smoking Goose classes are hands-on, everyone gets to practice making meat magic!”