Mifroma - Maitres from Agers Suisses - Raclette - Pair with potatoes, bread, grilled vegetables, cornichons, cocktail onions, and cured meats - Try our original and three new flavors Smoked, Truffle, Red Chili
Introducing Cultured Sour Cream from Vermont Creamery
Shape the Future of Food: Winter Fancy Food Show

Tillamook, Atrisanal Brands Inc.

Tillamook is hosting a healthy-eating Back to School Contest. Participants should visit Tillamook’s Facebook page to share nutritious eating tips, breakfast ideas, and after-school snack recipes. For each entry, Tillamook will donate $10 to Feeding America and each participant will be entered to win a backpack stuffed with Tillamook goodies. Tips can be submitted for entry in written, video, or photo form. Artisanal Premium Cheese is promoting three new cheese collections. The company’s world-class offerings consist of the End of Summer Collection, the 2012 Labor Day Collection, and the Red & White Wine Collection. The End of Summer Collection features cheeses that show especially well during this warm time of the year. The 2012 Labor Day Collection contains a wide variety of flavors to satisfy everyone at customers’ Labor Day gathering. The Red and White Wine Collection features six cheeses that pair perfectly with each wine’s flavor profile.