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Transatlantic Foods Debuts Exclusive Chestnut Valley Classic Charcuterie Line

Transatlantic Foods has debuted its Chestnut Valley Classic Charcuterie line designed exclusively for the new Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, NY. The line seeks to bring back the Italian heritage of the original Brooklyn pork stores. 'Classic' is a natural tie-in between the borough and its Brooklyn-accented charcutier, Charles Ventre. Ten different varieties of full-flavored cured meats are ready to slice and savor now. A Ripe and Ready Date predicts when the sausage will begin its journey to the table. The Whole Foods Brooklyn will be the first Whole Foods Market to install an Old World style Aging Room in its deli department. Co-Owner, Thierry Farges, tells DeliMarket TV, "Folks are going wild for that rustic, rumpled, bloom-dusted sausage you find hanging in charcuteries back home in Europe."