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Vermont Creamery's Bijou Wins Gold sofi Award

Vermont Creamery’s Bijou was recognized as best-in-class by the Specialty Food Association. The company was awarded a Gold sofi™ in the Perishable Food Service Category. Bijou is a French-style ripened goat cheese packaged in its own micro-cave with an 80-day shelf life. The unique sweet and yeasty flavor pairs well with Belgian tripel beers, as well as hazelnuts and blueberry jam. Vermont Creamery tells DeliMarket TV, “This is the second Gold sofi™ for Bijou and the 5th sofi™ Vermont Creamery has received in the past 5 years. We recommend consumers serve Bijou toasted on a baguette with a salad for a traditional French Bistro.”Vermont Creamery