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Hissho Sushi CEO Featured in Magazine Cover Story

Hissho Sushi CEO Featured in Magazine Cover Story

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Hissho Sushi’s CEO Philip Maung is making headlines, having just made the cover of PRIDE Magazine’s “Charlotte Multicultural Resource Magazine 2016 – 2017.”

Philip Maung, CEO, Hissho Sushi“I have to taste the sushi,” Maung says with a smile. In the last 18 years, Maung has tasted a lot of sushi in his test kitchen. Maung and his fiancé, Kristina launched Hissho Sushi in their Charlotte home in 1998. Today, Hissho is a multimillion dollar food service and distribution company. Hissho manages and operates more than 875 sushi and pan Asian hot bars in grocery stores, airports, hospitals and universities in 39 states across the country. - PRIDE Magazine.

Publisher Dee Dixon, Editor-in- Chief Lashawnda Becoats, Writer Tonya Jameson, and Photographer Johathan Cooper tell the story of how Hissho Sushi came to be, aptly stating, “Sushi made Philip Maung money, but his values made him successful!”

Through the publication you experience the ups and downs of running a business with passion and perseverance, as well as the changes that made the company move from “corporate” to “communal.”

May Vang, Employee, Hisshio Sushi

In a press release, Hissho Sushi notes returning employee and Director of Finance May Vang, who after calling the company a “very corporate style” from which she departed feeling that there was a lack of teamwork and communication, came back to find the style completely changed.

Curious about how Maung turned everything around and made Hissho Sushi a success? You can read the full article on Pride Magazine's site here.

Congratulations to Maung and the Hissho team for this hard-earned recognition.

Hissho Sushi