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Kellogg's to Open First-Ever Cafe in NYC

Kellogg's to Open First-Ever Cafe in NYC

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Pie, history, and fireworks won’t be the only thing celebrated over at Kellogg's® next week. The company has announced that its first-ever permanent café, Kellogg's NYC, will open its doors in New York City on Monday. 

Inside the Kellogg's Cafe NYC

Noel Geoffroy, SVP Morning Foods Marketing & Innovation, Kellogg Company“We think this is a powerful way to re-imagine a bowl of cereal,” stated Noel Geoffroy, Kellogg’s Senior Vice President of Morning Foods Marketing and Innovation during a recent preview of the new space, according to Forbes.

Kellogg’s partnered with notable culinary names Anthony Rudolf, Sandra Di Capua, and Christina Tosi to cultivate creative dishes for the Kellogg's NYC to combine cereal with unique and innovative ingredients

Life in Color

Christina Tosi, Award-Winning Chef | Source: milkbarstore.com"I've been a cereal lover since I was a kid," said Tosi, an award-winning chef. "I believe in the excitement a bowl of cereal can bring any time of the day and I'm so excited to bring back a household staple in a fun, creative way!"

According to a press release Tosi was the main drive behind the new café’s selections. The all-day menu will also include breakfast foods, evening snacks, and dessert-like treats.

Milk-based confections on the menu are as follows:

Kellogg's NYC Cereal Menu

  • Pistachio Lemon: Kellogg's Special K Original®, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes®,  pistachios, lemon zest, thyme
  • Berry Me in Green Tea: Kellogg's Rice Krispies®, fresh strawberries, green tea powder
  • The Chai Line: Kellogg's Crispix®, fresh peaches, chai tea powder 

Customers will also be able to create their own innovations by choosing amongst dozens of cereal toppings, while enjoying an offered assortment of juices and coffee from artisanal purveyors.

Kellogg's Cafe NYC

Cereal fanatics can also gobble more of Tosi’s creations with the following ice cream based creations:

  • Life in Color: Kellogg's Froot Loops®, lime zest, marshmallows, passion fruit jam
  • Honey Buzz: Kellogg's Honey Smacks®, honey, toasted pecan, banana chips
  • You're Cracklin' Me Up: Kellogg's Cracklin Oat Bran®, dried cranberries, white chocolate, toasted coconut 

"Kellogg's NYC will remind families how fun and delicious cereal is, especially when elevated with creative ingredients," said Rudolf. "We'll give guests a chance to experience cereal, something they've been connected to their entire lives, in a completely new way." 

The café will be located at 1600 Broadway (between W 48th and 49th Street), and offer dine-in or carry-out options for its customers with prices ranging between $6-8. The company stated that it plans to launch a delivery service later in the year. 

Keep up with the cer-ious momentum by following the #StirItUp hashtag, and continue to count on Deli Market News for the latest in industry innovations and strategies.

Kellogg's NYC Menu

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