McDonald's Releases Garlic White Cheddar Sandwich to Signature Crafted Menu

McDonald's Releases Garlic White Cheddar Sandwich to Signature Crafted Menu

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

If food was blackjack, I’d say, “Garlic me, baby.” The root veg makes just about every dish taste and feel like a gourmet experience. McDonald’s is tuned into this theory with its newest item on the Signature Crafted menu: Signature Garlic White Cheddar Sandwich.

This specific menu, available since last May, is more upscale and expensive. McDonald’s newest addition brings a punch of flavor including garlic aioli; garlic chips; white cheddar cheese; tomato; lettuce; and the customer’s choice between crispy chicken, grilled chicken, and a ¼-pound all-beef patty—all lassoed together with artisan buns that are more robust than the restaurant’s long-standing sesame buns. The catch? The chain is reportedly leaving the Sriracha Sandwich behind as it gains ground with this garlic option, according to Eater.

The sandwich comes with three different protein options to pick from: Artisan Grilled Chicken, with 530 calories and 20 grams of fat; Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, with 700 calories and 34 grams of fat; and the Burger, with 620 calories and 34 grams of fat.

McDonald's Signature Garlic White Cheddar Sandwich

Pico Guacamole, Maple Bacon Dijon, and Sweet BBQ Bacon are some of the other Signature Crafted sandwiches and burgers adding flair to the McDonald’s menu.

Will this new Signature Crafted menu translate into other innovations seen throughout the restaurant chain industry, and if so, what will those new creations look like? Deli Market News will continue to report with the latest industry trends.