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Wendy's Touts #TeamPizza

Wendy's Touts #TeamPizza

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Fast-food chain by day, everyone’s favorite tweeter by night—Wendy’s is back to take over your feeds with some truly fresh, yet shocking, content. While Wendy’s is known for its burgers, the chain’s latest move on the interwebs aligned it with fresh food items opposed to other fast food sando slingers known for this staple menu item. Recently, online video game Fortnite introduced a new limited time game mode called Food Fight, pinning #TeamBuger and #TeamPizza against each other. In an unprecedented move, Wendy’s declared #TeamPizza as part of its latest battle against frozen beef.

“Wendy’s is constantly finding innovative ways to share its fresh messaging. The Fortnite program was just the latest,” a Wendy’s spokesperson told me. “Just because life is moving fast, Wendy’s doesn’t think that quality should be sacrificed. That’s why Wendy’s never cuts corners on quality and serves fresh, never frozen beef in every hamburger, every day.”

As part of #TeamPizza, Wendy’s organized an attack against the burger brigade by hosting its first-ever livestream to destroy Fortnite’s Durr Burger, a notorious frozen beef provider and online avatar for one of Wendy’s major competitors. A fun and innovative tactic to push its fresh campaign, if I do say so myself!

“Wendy’s is well-positioned against competitors and imitators that are new to the fresh beef scene because Wendy’s has been serving fresh beef on every hamburger every day since it first opened its doors in 1969,” Wendy’s spokesperson concluded—a mic drop if I ever saw one.

And Wendy’s is no stranger to wielding unique and trendy strategies to encourage more of its consumers to go fresh, with the chain also having released a hip-hop mixtape earlier this year that took similar shots at a few of its major fast food rivals.

What lengths will Wendy’s continue to go to push fresh into the realm of fast food? Deli Market News will continue to keep an eye on our Twitter feeds for the latest from the reigning tweeting-chain champ.


Mischievous Goats Inspire Mischievous Flavors Veroni - 100 percent humanely raised - Authentic Italian charcuterie

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