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JD.com Plans Massive Store Launch of Unmanned Locations in China

JD.com Plans Massive Store Launch of Unmanned Locations in China

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Online retailer JD.com has announced plans to eliminate check out lines and head off Amazon’s checker-less grocer plans with its own futuristic store format. The company has reportedly beat Amazon to the next phase in convenience with plans to open hundreds of unmanned convenience stores.

According to a report from The Telegraph, JD.com has already trialed its “smart-store” format in Beijing, where cameras on the ceilings of the stores recognize consumers’ movement and the heat they generate to calculate traffic flow, product selection, and customer preferences. With facial recognition software, the company registers customer payment and product identity, and customers don’t have to wait through long checkout lines.

"These two smart-store solutions will completely change what it means to go to take a trip to the store," said Song Ma, Vice President of JD.com. "From helping small stores' owners streamline their supply chains and increase stocking efficiency, to speeding up check out, this is a massive jump beyond anything in use today.”

The convenience of this model does not stop at these remarkable technological feats. According to the same article, the company will also have adverts and promotions that will be given based on customers’ shopping habits and demographics. While these advancements are all the rage at this moment in time, pretty soon they might be more of a regular occurrence because the retailer will be able to license other third-party retailers with the developed technology, the article explains.

JD.com investing in driverless vehicles. Source: pandaily.com

And brick-and-mortar are not the only no-salesman’s-land technology the company is currently working through; it also announced plans to implement driverless vehicles for delivering goods with pre-programmed routes and secure lockers.

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