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Kroger Announces New Divisions for Scan, Bag, Go Expansion, Plans to Expand Tech to 400 Stores

Kroger Announces New Divisions for Scan, Bag, Go Expansion, Plans to Expand Tech to 400 Stores

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Kroger announced plans to expand its recently launched Scan, Bag, Go shopping technology to 18 operating divisions, an expansion it hopes will help anticipate shopping trends and improve the customer experience. The retailer plans to make the service available to customers at 400 stores this year.

Chris Hjelm, EVP & CIO, Kroger"With every new product, service, and technology integration, Kroger is redefining the customer experience and reimagining the store of the future," said Chris Hjelm, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, in a press release. "After testing Scan, Bag, Go in several locations, we are bringing this transformative technology to new stores across the country through Restock Kroger."

According to the retailer’s press release, Kroger’s R&D team invented Scan, Bag, Go technology. Scan, Bag, Go allows customers to use a wireless handheld scanner or the Scan, Bag, Go app on their personal device to scan and bag products as they shop. Kroger will offer the new technology as an option alongside traditional checkout lanes staffed by associates, self-checkout, online ordering, curbside pickup, and home delivery in select cities.

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"Many of our customers have adopted this convenient new technology and responded favorably to the seamless checkout experience," Hjelm added. "Scan, Bag, Go is one more choice, like ClickList, that Kroger provides so customers can choose when and how they want to shop with us."

The R&D team intended Scan, Bag, Go to create a personalized experience for grocery customers. The new program will allow Kroger shoppers to view and download digital coupons, keep a running total of their order, and view the current week's sales ad.

Mary Ellen Adcock, Group Vice President of Retail Operations, Kroger"The installation of Scan, Bag, Go is a collaboration between the Kroger operations and tech teams that allows us to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in our stores," said Mary Ellen Adcock, Group Vice President of Retail Operations. "We are always excited to execute innovative ideas that benefit our customers' shopping experiences."

Kroger expects to make Scan, Bag, Go technology available in select locations throughout the following divisions by the end of the year: Atlanta, Central, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Delta, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry's, Houston, King Soopers, Louisville, Michigan, Mid-Atlantic, Nashville, Ralphs, Smith's, and QFC.

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