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Albertsons CEO Bob Miller Reveals Strategy in Wake of Amazon Whole Foods Deal

Albertsons CEO Bob Miller Reveals Strategy in Wake of Amazon Whole Foods Deal

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Albertsons has a new strategy in store to help boost its standing in the buy-side, following other retailer announcements in the wake of Amazon’s impending Whole Foods acquisition. Albertsons’ CEO has disclosed that the retailer will be undergoing a new venture; home delivery.

As he discussed with The Idaho Statesman, Bob Miller stated that Albertsons will take on the endeavor on its home turf, in addition to other strategies as the company looks to approach competition in the new era of retail.

Bob Miller, CEO, Albertsons“We’re aggressively rolling out home delivery,” Miller told the source. “At the end of this fiscal year, we’ll be in eight of the ten biggest markets in the U.S. We’re going to spend lots of money on home delivery. A place like Chicago, we’re number-one share in the supermarket sector... We’re going to work hard on home delivery, even though Amazon is, too, and lots of other people. We think we can compete in that space, because somebody can order the complete variety from our store.”

Albertsons storefront

The company, which recently halted plans for its Initial Public Offering due to the news of the Whole Foods acquisition, said it will be offering more click-and-collect services.

Albertsons also has plans to make big investments in its current brick-and-mortar business, including massive store remodels.

“We’re aggressively remodeling our stores. We’ve touched over 200 stores last year, we’ll do over 200 more this year,” Miller shared with the source. “We’ve now remodeled every store in the Treasure Valley except for Broadway—and we’re going to build a new store there. We’re going to build 18 new stores this year. We’ll spend more than $1.4 billion this year in capital.”

Will these latest strategies by Albertsons soon be followed by others? Deli Market News will report.