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Albertsons Growth: Expansion, Acquisitions, and Employees

Albertsons Growth: Expansion, Acquisitions, and Employees

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

When you punch the numbers into the calculator, Albertsons looks to have taken its turnaround story to the next level by growing over 1,000% in less than five years.

So, how did the company take a chain that had slimmed down to less than 200 locations and grow it into one of about 2,300?

According to news source Idaho Statesman's Jerry Brady, it's more than just a few shrewd merger and acquisitions.

In 2013, Albertsons had 192 stores to its name and $4 billion in sales, while sister stores in Idaho looked to be struggling.

Bob Miller, CEO, AlbertsonsRather than rebrand stores that are in trouble, with an expensive branding campaign to counter, Albertsons CEO Bob Miller kept the chains’ names and rebuilt the businesses' formerly-loyal customer base.

Today, Albertsons looks to be thriving. The company now has some $60 billion in sales and 2,300 stores, operates under 18 banners—many of which had been successful despite recent hard times—with an approach that counters what one might expect.

Miller and Albertsons decided to provide patient support and capital, decentralize their business structure, and keep management and employees in place and in control.

The result, Idaho Statesman reports, was a growth spurt of over ten-fold over a short period.

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