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AmazonFresh Launches AmazonFresh Pickup

AmazonFresh Launches AmazonFresh Pickup

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Amazon is pushing fresh closer to the top of its strategic plans for success. The retailer is answering the consumer cry for convenience by launching its newest physical store format, AmazonFresh Pickup.

Just as the name sounds, this format was tailored specifically for the grocery-minded consumer to receive their groceries quickly and on the go. After placing their orders through AmazonFresh, shoppers can receive their order from a Pickup location as soon as 15 minutes after hitting “place order.” 

The physical locations are designed primarily for ease. After place their order and picking a time slot to receive their goods, consumers then drive to their Pickup location, pull into a parking space, and wait a brief amount of time for their groceries to be loaded directly into their vehicle. Want to see the plan in action yourself? Watch the video above.

The concept plans were discovered only earlier this month, marking Amazon’s quick moves towards expanding its grocery capabilities and this strategic focus. The drive up grocery store will allow consumers to order fresh meats, dairy, and produce, in addition to some household goods as well. 

Amazon Fresh App

This move comes on a string of investments by Amazon into fresh grocery realms. The retailer is continuously looking for innovative ways to further enamor consumers with the possibilities of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as a new partnerships with Martha Stewart, Amazon Go stores, and expanded availability

Currently, this launch is only available to Amazon employees, with two Pickup locations located in the retailer’s homebase of Seattle. TechCrunch noted that the service will be free to all Amazon Prime members once it expands out of beta testing.

How else is Amazon looking to boost fresh consumption? Deli Market News will report as the news unfolds.