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Blue Apron Launches Why We Eat What We Eat Podcast

Blue Apron Launches "Why We Eat What We Eat" Podcast

New York, NY
Friday, October 6th, 2017

Looking for a thought-provoking podcast to get you through the morning commute? Blue Apron’s new Why We Eat What We Eat could be one for you. The meal kit provider has reportedly partnered with Gimlet Media to produce a what the two companies promise to be a poignant, personal, and informative exploration of food-related topics.

Jared Cluff, CMO, Blue Apron“Creating incredible home-cooking experiences is the core of what we do, and by supplementing our culinary products with inspiring content and engaging storytelling, we’ve found that we can connect with our customers on an emotional level, both in the kitchen and beyond,” said Blue Apron CMO Jared Cluff.

A Blue Apron Meal Kit

Why We Eat What We Eat will cover topics including the anthropology of food trends, the psychology that inspires the choices everyone makes when choosing what food to eat, and the history of potluck dinners and community gatherings, according to marketing, media, and advertising news source AdWeek. The new show will be hosted by food writer and cookbook author Cathy Erway, host of Eat Your Words.

Frances Harlow, Deputy Creative Director, Gimlet Media“That’s why we decided to make a show about eating, not about cooking,” said Frances Harlow, Gimlet Media’s Deputy Creative Director. “At Gimlet, we won’t make a podcast that’s just a 25-minute advertisement. The brands we work with know that’s not advantageous because people won’t listen to it. With Why We Eat What We Eat, our goal is to tell stories that will resonate with people who have never turned on their ovens, as much as with professional food bloggers.”

A Blue Apron Meal Kit

Harlow noted that the goal was to make something different from the already plentiful food podcasts out there. Blue Apron’s Why We Eat What We Eat aims to be more than another branded, ad-heavy podcast, and instead seeks to be a poignant, personal, and informative exploration of food-related topics.

As one of the few subscription delivery services that advertises popularly on podcasts, Blue Apron launched Why We Eat What We Eat as a new marketing strategy to engage with more audiences. Along with the podcast, Blue Apron is creating extra content for fans including videos on cooking techniques, exposés on unique weekly ingredients, and blog posts focusing on the service’s suppliers.

The first season of Why We Eat What We Eat will premier October 11, and will run through Thanksgiving. Stay tuned to Deli Market News for more on important retail and marketing news.

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