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Dollar General to Launch Small Store Pilot in Tennessee

Dollar General to Launch Small Store Pilot in Tennessee

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Positing a new strategy to take its buy-side game to new realms, Dollar General is hoping for a winning juxtaposition as it brings its store count and format size down. The discount banner has announced a new pilot store with a small format focus, a first for the chain.

Bearing the moniker DGX, at least for now, the store is set to open its doors to consumers early next year in downtown Nashville, TN. The pilot format was cultivated in order to appeal to the metropolitan consumer in a bustling downtown area, according to

DGX will mirror more of a convenience store than the Dollar General that consumers are used to. The new store will fill out a 3,400-square-foot floor plan. Items to be carried include a supply of fresh groceries, along with a limited offering of the other household, beauty, electronic, and seasonal items the chain is known for.

Dollar General is already looking to open another small format location in Raleigh, N.C., if the initial pilot proves successful. also stated that this new strategy could save the chain additional costs as it further pursues its expansion goals. 

Dollar General is aiming towards having a total of 20,000 stores by 2020, with 1,900 new locations set to open by the end of next year. The chain also recently purchased 41 former Walmart Express locations in order to boost its fresh offerings.

As Dollar General looks towards new facilities and a higher number of hired associates, count on Deli Market News for the latest in its buy-side impact.

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