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Fareway Launches New Meat-Focused Rebrand for Its 80th Anniversary

Fareway Launches New Meat-Focused Rebrand for Its 80th Anniversary

Friday, May 4th, 2018

In honor of hitting its 80th year in business this May, Fareway Stores is refreshing its look and logo as it sets its sights on another 80 years. In addition to remodeling its stores and delving into the meal kit market, Fareway Stores is tacking the words meat and grocery in solid red lettering to its logo to reflect what it’s done best in the past and what it wants to continue to excel at moving forward: full-service meat departments and farm-fresh produce.

Reynolds W. Cramer, CEO, Fareway“This new design focuses on what we do best—meat and grocery. Fareway is your neighborhood grocery store that offers an unmatched meat department as part of a full-service grocery shopping experience,” said CEO Reynolds W. Cramer, in a press release. “While this new design focuses on Fareway’s strengths, it also symbolizes a fresh perspective. As part of this effort, we’re committed to refreshing your Fareway experience. Customers have already seen architectural and in-store fixture changes, which will continue to other locations. Once inside the store, customers will see our focus to raise the bar within our produce departments and to refresh categories to include items customers are seeking—whether trendy or staples. We will also be adding meal kits and prepared meal options in our stores.”

Honing in on its meat department, Fareway is also adding a new shield of quality icon to products that are high in quality and value, specifically to fresh items in its meat department.

Fareway's new shield of quality icon

“We know who we are at Fareway. We are evolving our brand to better tell our story and to meet the needs of our customers going forward,” Cramer continued.

To celebrate this milestone, Fareway is also launching a series of weekly in-store promotions, like $80 meat bundles, $80 gift cards, Traeger grill giveaways, and a series of throwback Thursday pricing specials running throughout the month of May.

Congratulations, Fareway Stores, on 80 years and here’s to 80 more! For more news like this, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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