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Instacart Appoints Dani Dudeck as Chief Communications Officer

Instacart Appoints Dani Dudeck as Chief Communications Officer

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

According to a report by TechCrunch, Instacart has hired its first Chief Communications Officer, Dani Dudeck, who has been in the communications world for the past 15 years. Previously, she served as VP of Global Communications at MySpace for four years before moving on to Zynga as Chief Communications Officer in 2010. At Zynga, Dudeck oversaw both corporate and consumer reputation of the brand before and after its IPO. She helped the company through a tremendous period of growth and a rapidly changing mobile gaming landscape.

Dani Dudeck, Chief Communications Officer, Instacart“We’ve been an Instacart family for years, and as a mom it’s been a game changer for me,” Dudeck said in a prepared statement obtained by TechCrunch. “Our home is powered by Instacart because over the years, I saw how the products helped me better manage our household rhythm. Whether I’m doing a fast diaper delivery or fresh groceries for our weekly shopping, I love feeling like I can be in two places at once while getting to spend more time with my family.”

Dani Dudeck joins Instacart at time when the grocery sector is becoming increasingly competitive

Dudeck joins Instacart at time when the grocery sector is becoming increasingly competitive. Though Instacart shows no signs of slowing down, as it earned $150 million in funding this last April, speculation abounds for tech companies entering into the grocery business.

Dudeck continued, explaining why she is excited to join the team at Instacart. “After getting to know the internal team, I was blown away by the strength of Instacart’s business and the unique culture they’ve created. By building on that success, we have a compelling opportunity to grow Instacart into a beloved, household name and turn Express into a must-have membership for families and busy people everywhere. I’m excited to join the management team and partner with them to accelerate their ambitious plans for future growth.”

With over 15 years of experience, Dani Dudeck joins the Instacart team in the newly created role, Chief Communications Officer

Will this new hire be a chance for the company to out-maneuver competitors such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart? Deli Market News will continue to report the latest.