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Kroger Announces Retirement of Bob Mariano

Kroger Announces Retirement of Bob Mariano

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

After nearly 50 years in the retail business, retail veteran and CEO of Kroger’s recently acquired Roundy’s, Bob Mariano, has announced that he will be retiring September 1st.

Mariano began his career in grocery at the ground level in 1967, starting out when he was a teenager as a part-time deli clerk in Chicago’s Dominick's supermarket. He has since worked his way up through a number of roles, including Senior Vice President and, in 1995, President and CEO of Dominick's.

Mariano saw Dominick’s through a series of growth and transitions, including its 1996 initial public offering and its 1998 acquisition by Safeway, before accepting his current role at Roundy’s in 2002.

Photo Source: The Chicago Tribune

Since then he has seen to fruition the Mariano’s banner, a chain of 34 stores, and now joining of Kroger as of last November.

Rodney McMullen, Chairman & CEO, Kroger

"Bob has been a tremendous leader for Roundy's and the entire supermarket industry,” said Rodney McMullen, Kroger's Chairman and CEO, according to a press release. “The centerpiece of his career, of course, is the Mariano's chain of stores in his hometown of Chicago. We see a bright future ahead for our Pick 'N Save and Metro Market stores in Wisconsin and for Mariano's stores in Chicago. And we look forward to our continued partnership with Bob as a strategic consultant and advisor. The entire Kroger and Roundy's family extends our best wishes to Bob and his family in retirement."

Current Mariano’s President, Don Rosanova, and Roundy's Supermarkets Wisconsin President, Michael Marx, will continue to serve in their current roles after Mariano’s retirement, according to Kroger, leading the two supermarket divisions.

Congratulations to Mr. Mariano on a successful career.