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Kroger Beats Rivals with New Scan, Bag, Go Technology in Stores

Kroger Beats Rivals with New "Scan, Bag, Go" Technology in Stores

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

2017 was a year of technology of all kinds tested throughout our industry; online grocery delivery, mobile apps, robots, and now cashier-less tech are all taking over grocery retailers. And while Amazon teased Amazon Go and Walmart joined the bandwagon after testing similar technology in a dozen stores, Kroger beats out both competitors and launches its new “Scan, Bag, Go” technology–the first of its kind to be offered to a mass market–set to hit 400 stores this year.

Lengthy checkout lanes are now a thing of distant past as Kroger’s “Scan, Bag, Go” technology lets shoppers skip register lines altogether. Using either a handheld scanner provided by Kroger or the retailer’s smartphone app, customers can scan the barcodes of items they wish to purchase as they shop.

"Scan, Bag, Go" Kiosk

Not only can the technology alert customers when they walk past an item on their shopping list, it also can keep a running tab of a customer’s total order and offer applicable coupons.

While currently shoppers have to pay for their orders at self-checkout registers, according to Business Insider, Kroger hopes that soon customers can pay for their groceries via the app instead of waiting in checkout lines of any kind.

Who will be the next retailer to launch cashier-less technology in 2018? Deli Market News will continue to report with the latest.  


Celebrating Goat Cheese as it Should beCountry Fresh - The Fresh Food Group

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