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Kroger Testing High-Tech Sensors to Communicate with Shoppers

Kroger Testing High-Tech Sensors to Communicate with Shoppers

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

As retailers race to release the most innovative tech problems to woo consumers, it looks as though Kroger is entering the foray with its newest electronics-based plan. The chain is testing a new combination of sensors and analytics technology in order to connect shoppers directly with products on the shelf.

Chris Hjelm, CIO, Kroger

“We want to bring technology to life in the store … We know what’s in the aisle and what the mobile shopper has told us and fuse all that data,” stated Kroger CIO Chris Hjelm to CIO Journal’s Kim S. Nash, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new systems will connect shoppers with product through their mobile devices or a display. The tech will identify consumers who have installed the Kroger app, and cater to their shopping experience by emphasizing special products, highlight items on the shelf that are on their mobile shopping list, and flashing information on nearby displays.

Kroger Storefront

This merge of the digital shopping experience with brick-and-mortar stores seems to be a lasting trend, as retailers experiment with ways to make grocery shopping a more personalized experience. Amazon first made news with its fully automated Amazon Go store. As we recently reported, Walmart is also testing a new Scan & Go app to streamline shopping. 

Kroger is in testing for the system right now, with plans to expand the program by the end of 2017. PYMNTS reported that the high-tech pilot is currently being tested in Kroger locations throughout the nation.

Kroger is also looking to boost its operations by 10,000 team members this year, doubling down on its consumer-focused strategies. 

Will Kroger’s customer service initiatives and new tech forays put it in the forefront of consumer focus? Deli Market News will report.