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Lidl Launches New Advertisement Campaign  Don’t Let Them Waste Your Money,  Strategically Positions the Chain Against Competition

Lidl Launches New Advertisement Campaign "Don’t Let Them Waste Your Money," Strategically Positions the Chain Against Competition

Monday, March 19th, 2018

Lidl is pulling out all the stops with its recent advertising campaign, Don’t Let Them Waste Your Money. The campaign, created in partnership with The Martin Agency, is designed to get consumers questioning their grocery decisions and to get them to, as the campaign suggests, “rethink grocery.”

In one commercial, the campaign mocks a fictitious grocery chain family called the Vanhills, who trade in fresh for profit with their practices. The advertisement positions Lidl against money-hungry chains like the one the Vanhills run, as can be seen when the commercial cuts to a shot of fresh produce the German discount grocer supplies customers.

Elina Elvholm, Director of Brand Marketing, Lidl“This new campaign is designed to raise awareness about the costly inefficiencies of traditional supermarkets and the savings that Lidl’s streamlined approach brings to customers every day,” Director of Brand Marketing Elina Elvholm said in a statement. “When customers shop at Lidl, they experience less complexity, lower prices, and better quality choices.”

Launched on the 16th, according to AdWeek, the retailer released its first 30-second video called “Apple Pyramid,” which is now being televised in six U.S. states surrounding Lidl locations. This is the first release of a series of television ads, according to the source.

The release of this campaign comes after the chain announced intentions to step into 100 East Coast locations, following the opening of its first 20 stores in Virginia and the Carolinas last summer.

The goal of the campaign is to plant the slogan “rethink grocery” into the minds of consumers, persuading them that they are not getting the bang for their buck at most other grocers, AdWeek reports. To do this, Lidl employs the caricature Vanhills, an example of supermarkets that exploit their established name at the cost of the consumer.

The power in the commercial is the agency the advertisement gives consumers, responding to its own claim of “They’re wasting your money,” with the enticing and excitingly powerful note, “Don’t let them waste your money.” This puts the power in the consumers’ hands, as Lidl trusts them to make the right choice, according to its own inclination.

“Rethink grocery” stamps the end of the commercial, leaving consumers feeling powerful and inquisitive about the groceries they buy and from whom they buy them.

This, The Martin Agency explained in a statement, explores chains that use “tricks to con consumers into paying more for inferior and inefficient products.”

David Muhlenfeld, Vice President and Creative Director, The Martin Agency “When you get a chance to work with a brand as fearless and competitive as Lidl, you have to deliver work the category won’t see coming,” said Vice President and Creative Director of The Martin Agency David Muhlenfeld. “So, we went semi-ballistic and took a cheerful hammer to fruit pyramids and all of the other tricks traditional groceries use to make you pay more than you should.”

Will these advertisements be industry-disrupting on a larger scale? And will we see other retail chains take a page out of this book with more pointed advertisements of their own? Deli Market News will continue to report.