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Lidl US Halts Alabama Expansion Plans, Pulls Out of Deal

Lidl US Halts Alabama Expansion Plans, Pulls Out of Deal

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

While Lidl runs more than 10,000 stores in 28 countries, the grocery retailer is halting its progress into the American market. According to Decatur Daily, Lidl initially announced plans to open 100 locations in the United States by mid-2018, including its first Alabama location after purchasing 4.4 acres of property that included a 35,000-square-foot “free-standing store” in Decatur, Alabama. However, Lidl is halting its expansion plans and will no longer be purchasing that property, or any property in Alabama, according to city officials.

“They canceled the deal just like they canceled a bunch of others along the East Coast,” said Jeff Parker of Parker Real Estate, who also noted that the Calvary Assembly of God’s property Lidl had inked a deal to purchase is back on the market for $2.85 million.

Lidl Storefront

Lidl first joined the American market last year after opening nine stores along the East Coast. And out of the 100 stores it said it would open, Lidl has only successfully opened 20 locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, with no word about the remaining 80 locations. The news source reports that Lidl could be restructuring its expansion plans and reverting back to the familiar territory of opening smaller 15,000- to 20,000-square-foot stores similar to its European format.

City Director of Development Wally Terry told Decatur Daily that while Lidl won’t be opening up shop in Alabama, competitor Aldi is increasing its Decatur store by 30 percent and will be expanding into the adjacent storefront. Aldi currently has 1,600 stores in 35 states, with 20 locations in Alabama.

Will Lidl revamp its expansion plans in order to continue to push into the American market? Deli Market News will continue to bring you the latest in retail happenings.

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