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Lucky Supermarkets Taps New Partner for “Fall in Love with Plant Based” Campaign

Lucky Supermarkets Taps New Partner for “Fall in Love with Plant Based” Campaign

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Lucky Supermarkets has partnered with Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) to create a first-of-its-kind marketing campaign to the retailer’s 70 Northern California stores. “Fall in Love with Plant Based,” as the campaign is called, will focus on educating shoppers about the various plant-based foods to discover and enjoy—it runs now through December 2nd.

Almond Breeze, Beyond Meat, Califia Farms, Daiya Foods, Follow Your Heart, Forager, Good Karma Foods, Lightlife Foods, Milkadamia, Morningstar Farms, NadaMoo!, Pure Blends, Quorn, Ripple Foods, Sweet Earth, and Tofurky will be highlighted with educational and promotional materials at the Lucky Stores.

Michele Simon, Executive Director, PBFA“We are thrilled to partner with Lucky Supermarkets to promote a wide array of delicious plant-based foods to Lucky California shoppers,” said Michele Simon, Executive Director of PBFA. “We were pleasantly surprised to see so many PBFA member brands already offered at Lucky stores, and now we want everyone to discover them, from plant-based milks, to yogurt, to cheeses, to many varieties of meat. There is truly a plant-based option for everyone.”

For consumers wanting healthier options for themselves and their families, this campaign works as a great way to showcase plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products that offer an option to help shoppers keep a healthy diet and protect the planet.

Advertising display elements will be positioned throughout retail stores, highlighting plant-based options

“Lucky has been an incredible partner in this first-of-its-kind shopper marketing campaign, and we look forward to building on this exciting partnership with Lucky Supermarkets,” said Simon.

Retail locations will highlight plant-based food options by using multiple advertising display elements, such as seven advertising stands to shine a light on plant-based foods that can be found at the specific location. Register screen ads and breakroom TV content will further educate staff about the plant-based options. Educational booklets with coupons will be available at store locations, according to a press release.

Special advertising stands highlighting multiple plant-based options at that specific location will be set up at retail locations

“Fall in Love with Plant Based” will be further promoted through social media and radio efforts.

Lucky You Rewards, the retailers’ app-based rewards program, featured special discounts on PBFA during the week of October 17th, and select Lucky and Lucky California stores will offer in-store tasting with plant-based brands on November 2-4.

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