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Marsh Supermarkets to Close Four Indiana Stores

Marsh Supermarkets to Close Four Indiana Stores

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Marsh Supermarkets continues to streamline its operations—adding two more closures in the Indianapolis area and two more set to follow.

As reported by  local ABC news affiliate RTV-6, the company will shutter stores on the south side of the state capital and at the Nora Corners Shopping Center on March 25 and April 8 respectively. Additional stores in Richmond and Peru, Indiana, are also expected to close this month. Earlier this February, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel reported that Marsh had also dropped plans to build two new supermarkets in northern Indiana.

The Indiana Business Journal (IBJ) reported earlier this month that the company has stopped paying rent on as many as six locations throughout Indianapolis, and at least two ownership groups have sued Marsh over nonpayment of rent.

The Indiana-based business supermarket chain was founded by the Marsh family in 1931, and was acquired by Florida-based Sun Capital Partners in 2006. The company had 120 locations as of the time of the acquisition—which has since shrunk to 67 stores.

David Livingston, Supermarket Analyst, DJL Research“The fact that it’s a multiple number of cases would indicate that there’s probably some cash-flow problems,” Grocery Analyst David Livingston, who runs DJL Research in Waukesha, Wisconsin, told the IBJ. “I just don’t know of any viable company that arbitrarily starts to withhold rent.”

The IBJ also reports that Sun Capital Partners—a company managing more than $9 billion in capital—almost certainly has the capacity to rescue Marsh stores that may be foundering, but the company is unlikely to do so unless they are confident in a return on their investment. The private equity firm is most likely planning to continue liquidating the supermarkets assets.

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