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New Sam's Club CEO John Furner Outlines Three Strategies

New Sam's Club CEO John Furner Outlines Three Strategies

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

With only one day under his belt in his new executive role, Sam’s Club’s newest CEO is jumping straight into his appointment with a new set of direction for the company. To further hone its services, John Furner has outlined three strategies for the company moving forward. 

John Furner, CEO, Sam's Club

“I’m going to be focused on simplifying the business and thinking differently,” stated Furner in a post on Walmart’s website. “We have a lot of hard work and new opportunities ahead of us and each associate at Sam’s Club will play a role in getting us there. I’m thinking about it in terms of three big areas.”

Starting yesterday, Furner placed these facets at the forefront of Sam’s Club’s business endeavors, giving the following reasons for their selection in his own words:

  • 1. People – We need to engage everyone, at all levels of the company, in the fight we’re in. We need to put our members first and have everyone pulling in the same direction.
  • 2. Product – The products we sell have to be the hero. People don’t shop our clubs for the beautiful buildings–we have concrete floors and steel racks. They come to us for great items, and we must get that right. 
  • 3. Digital – I’m committed to accelerating our digital transformation. We saw tremendous growth last year with SamsClub.comClub Pickup, and Scan & Go. We must continue to move with speed in this space, and use member data and insights to quickly adapt and meet the needs of the increasingly digital consumer.

“As I transition into this new role, I’m going to do a lot of listening, especially to the associates closest to our members. Like Sam said, ‘listen to everyone in your company,’” Furner continued. 

Originally starting with Sams’ Club’s parent in 1993, Furner stated that Walmart has always been in his blood. Furner’s father also worked for Walmart, and Furner himself grew to love the company when his family received support from Walmart after his mother grew ill. 

Furner also credited his experience as Walmart’s Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer in China for part of his professional gumption that led him to his current leadership position.

“I feel like I’ve learned the business of Walmart U.S., Sam’s Club, and Walmart International from the bottom up,” said Furner. 

How will these strategies impact the chain in the buy-side sector? Deli Market News will continue to report. 

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