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Publix Moves Towards New $28 Million Facility

Publix Moves Towards New $28 Million Facility

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Ramping up production in its home state, Publix Super Markets has unveiled details for its next multi-million dollar project. The retail chain is in moves to build a new $28 million facility in Lakeland, under the code-name Project Suede.

Brian West, Media and Community Relations Manager, Publix

"We are exploring possible opportunities for additional office space for support associates, and as part of our due diligence process, we are researching available incentives in various areas," stated Publix Spokesman and Media and Community Relations Manager Brian West in an email, according to The Ledger. 

The retailer is applying for more than $4.2 million in tax refunds, tax exemptions, and cash incentives to bring the facility to fruition. These incentives are being proposed by the company from Florida’s business recruitment and retention branch, Enterprise Florida. 

If approved, Project Suede would give Publix the following incentives and rewards:

  • $3.5 million in tax refunds over 10 years, from Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program and one-fifth from Lakeland and Polk county
  • Up to $700,000 in cash over 10 years from Polk County Bonus Incentive contingent on performance requirements, from Lakeland and Polk County
  • Property tax exemption through Polk County government, value unknown 

To receive the aforementioned Polk County Bonus Incentive, the retailer will need to fulfill its prospective 700 jobs created by the facility, to then be verified by an Enterprise Florida audit. This award would mark the largest granted through the local program, which has only been given six times previously.

Jason Willey, Business Development Manager, Lakeland County

"The role of incentives is to provide additional high-skill, high-wage job opportunities to the community," said Lakeland Business Development Manager Jason Willey. "I think business development activity in the state of Florida is very competitive. We have to stay competitive with all the other cities and counties throughout the state to continue to attract high quality jobs and organizations."

The Ledger reported that Enterprise Florida, the Economic Development Council, and local governments use code names to keep firms applying for incentives from appearing in public records. 

As more retailers in the buy-side sector look to solidify its footprint in new and current realms, Deli Market News will have the latest in announcemets and their subsequent impact.