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Ryan Redner Named President and CEO of Redner's Markets

Ryan Redner Named President and CEO of Redner's Markets

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Redner’s Markets announced today that it is transitioning leadership to a younger generation. The Berks County-based retailer announced that, effective immediately, it has appointed Ryan Redner President and CEO, to succeed his father Richard.

Ryan Redner, President and CEO, Redner's MarketsRyan Redner joined Redner’s Markets in 1995 and work in several store and warehouse positions while he attended college. Upon graduation in 1999, he was appointed Director of Direct Store Delivery Operations and was promoted to the company’s Board of Directors in 2004 and named Chief Operating Officer in 2007.

"I felt it was time for the next generation to begin to take over," said Richard Redner, outgoing CEO and President, according to a report from local news source WTMZ-TV 69 News. "I and the board have full confidence in Ryan's ability to provide leadership for our company as we take the next steps into building a strong, third generation of family in leadership positions."

Richard will continue on with company in his role as Chairman of the Board, and assume the title of Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, working with the executive staff on important business elements and serving as a consultant to the incoming CEO.

This executive move comes lest than a month after Co-Founder Earl Redner passed away at the age of 91. Though he retired in 1990, Earl continued to play an important role within the company until his passing.

Earl and Mary Redner founded Redner’s Markets in 1970. The employee-owned company currently operates 44 grocery stores and 21 convenience stores throughout Pennsylvania.

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