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The Spanish Version of Eataly is Coming to New York City

The "Spanish Version of Eataly" is Coming to New York City

New York, NY
Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

The Big Apple needs to make room, because every carb-lover's dream is coming to town, thanks to D.C.-based Chef José Andrés and the chefs behind the El Bulli’s renowned molecular gastronomy, the Adrià brothers.

According to an article by Conde Nast Traveler, these culinary luminaries are setting out to create a massive new food hall. The hall, which has yet to be named, will be the “Spanish Version of Eataly,” complete with the charcuterie boards of your dreams. Wines, cheese bars, a tortilla stand, and tapas will be available to all who visit the Gotham City food mecca.

The Spanish cuisine paradise will open as early as October of 2018, with just less than one year to go until New York-based or visiting customers can get their hands on the goods to be housed in the promised land--and the 35,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space will be able to house a LOT of product!

The new market is set to be based in Hudson Yard complex, which is in Midtown West. But–get this–in this modern-day, real-life version of el paraíso, 4,000 lucky residents will be living in a luxury hotel, shopping at local stores, and going to the public schoolyard. This means that 4,000 customers will be looking to the new Spanish Eataly for all things edible in the neighborhood. With restaurants just steps away, this is a set-up that will bring convenience to consumers’ doorsteps.

Spanish Pizza

Some of the products that will be available are Spanish pizza, coca, and fried food. New York’s pop culture-entrenched society will be happy to hear that Chef Thomas Keller’s incoming spot will showcase a Mad Men theme. And Chefs David Chang, Costa Spiliadis, and Michael Lomonaco will all be opening their own spots in New York’s beacon of tasty delight.

This is just the newest addition to the trending food halls. Le District, which is a French marketplace, is located in Battery Park, NYC. The $106 million food theme park Eataly is located in none other other than Bolonga, Italy. For a U.S.-based version, visitors can flock to downtown Manhattan or the Flat Iron District, where New Yorkers have become familiar with their own Eataly locations.

For more updates on the incoming addition to New York City’s foodie culture and deli industry details, keep checking back with us at Deli Market News!