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Target Looks to Hire 14,300 Seasonal California Workers

Target Looks to Hire 14,300 Seasonal California Workers

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Target is looking to hire thousands in the Golden State.

Enacting its plan to hire more than 70,000 seasonal workers to boost holiday service, the retailer’s spree is kicking off in California with a plan of hiring about 14,300 workers in the region.

Janna Potts, Chief Stores Officer, TargetJanna Potts, Chief Stores Officer, told news source Pasadena Star News that the company’s nearly 1,800 locations will all host hiring events this month, meeting with tens of thousands of potential employees over a two-day period.

Target is also looking to fill 7,500 seasonal positions for its distribution and fulfillment facilities for the holidays, and current openings listed on the company’s website include several positions in Georgia, as well as some in South Carolina and Virginia beginning to pop up.

To view available job listings, click here.

Pre-scheduled interviews will be conducted by individual store leaders as they explain company culture and potential candidacy, according to the report, with the possibility of on-the-spot job offers.

This is the most recent in Target’s strategy to hone in on service, having also announced last month that it is planning on bolstering its permanent grocery staff.

With big food days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sport-fueled Sundays in between, Deli Market News will report on any developments in retail strategies that could influence our industry.